Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Building Together

building with Daddy

When Lyle heads to the garage to work on something, Josh will often follow and bounce between the house, the yard, and the garage to play and help. Whether it is tinkering with one of Lyle's motorcycles or building shelves, he is becoming more and more interested in these types of projects. One day I walked into the garage when I thought they were building a workbench and found them hunched over an entirely different project. Josh had asked if he could use some of the scrap wood to build a small house, so they stopped what they were doing and got to work on Josh's idea right away. I suppose this may be leading to the treehouse we have been talking about over the last year!

coop and run

One of Lyle's recent projects has been making a run for our chicken coop (and future chickens). We hope to let them free range as much as possible, but we wanted to make sure they had a safe enclosed run as well.

Lucy helps out

Lucy always wants to help out with projects around the house, even if it involves lifting heavy rocks.

building with Daddy

I like seeing my family at work, together!

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  1. Ok, now I see, the chickens are on the way :)

    We did the exact same thing with our run, and enclosed it top and down to the bottom with 1/2" hardware cloth, and dug it down as an apron about 12" below the ground. To deter coyotes who dig and rats who dig. The rats just dug lower and got in anyways, and then we raised the feeder and hung it and that seemed to work. We closed in the top to keep out the raptors. It is like Fort Knox, but we were very predator-phobic :)

    Have fun with the building and the chicken aquiring. That was a very fun part too!!