Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Garden Visitor

our garden visitor

We recently had a visitor in the garden outside our front window. We watched her nibbling grass, digging, and filling her hole with leaves. We didn't want to leave our house that morning for fear of scaring her away. Unfortunately we think she must have decided this area was too high traffic for her nest because she hasn't been back. A few days later our neighbor did mention that a little brown rabbit has taken up residence under their front porch so maybe she isn't too far away. I hope she stops by for a visit sometime, maybe with a few babies in tow?

the bunny

Josh was entranced by this bunny and sat at the window quietly watching her for a long time. He was also really hoping we'd have many more mornings of bunny watching ahead of us, so I'm glad he had the idea to draw a picture during that first visit.

spot the bunny

There she is crouching down in the little hole she dug and soon after she filled it back up with leaves. Now you can hardly tell a rabbit was there at all, so I'm glad we got to see her at work even if she didn't stick around.

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