Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Learning via Flickr

learning from my flickr friends

Some of these are things I am learning about through my flickr friends' photos and blogs, and some of them are things my flickr friends and their kids are learning. Some are from other unschoolers, some are not, and for some I'm not even sure if they have kids or any particular learning philosophy. But clearly, all of them are from people who are interested in life and the world around them, learning all the time.  They are beautiful, inspiring, and interesting (the photos and the people behind the camera). I'm so very thankful for a resource like flickr!

1. tools from stone, 2. rogue, 3. Inukshuks, 4. Untitled, 5. embracing language, 6. dragonfly, 7. Carapace, 8. the stick is stuck, 9. Running Free, 10. felting, 11. this won't do, 12. last day of nature study class., 13. Mermaid's Purse, 14. Busy work, 15. we have silkmoths {day 51}, 16. Untitled

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