Monday, November 21, 2011

The Art of the Brick

Josh's favorite

These are all cell phone photos so please excuse the blurriness and low quality. About a week ago we went to see an art exhibit at a nearby gallery. Nathan Sawaya builds his sculptures out of Lego bricks (you can read more about his work here: The Art of the Brick), and with Josh being the Lego enthusiast that he is I thought he would really enjoy the exhibit.


"Cracked" -- one of my favorite pieces

the art of the brick

"The Courage Within"

hee hee

So the story behind this photo is that Lyle can get both Josh and Lucy to "go limp" on command. They once played a trick on me when I was in another room. I heard a loud thump and then Lyle started yelling and ran to me carrying Josh, who was completely limp. It was awful--my heart skipped a beat, I felt sick to my stomach, and I thought something horrible had happened to Josh....until they both burst out laughing. It was not as funny as they thought it would be at the time, but it has become a big joke around our house so this particular piece made us laugh and taking a photo like this was irresistible.

lego play 

I was a little nervous about taking the kids to an exhibit that would be so enticing to touch (legos!), but it was fine. There were tons of young kids there that day and they had a play area set up so the kids could play with legos as well. We had a great experience and I'm really glad we had the opportunity to see another side of our beloved legos. Since then we've been checking out a lot of Lego idea books (not to mention watching videos on the Lego website) and it is pretty amazing to me to see what can be done with this classic toy.

Monday, November 14, 2011

small interlocking bricks


They have been keeping us very busy these days. My mom sent us all the legos I played with as a kid so Josh had quite a collection to begin with, though it has definitely grown significantly since then.

legos meet MC Escher 

Inspired by this guy (who was inspired by MC Escher). I actually made the staircase model in this photo, though Josh made one of his own. He took it apart and made something new before I got around to taking photos of it.

alien conquest 

Lego sets have become a lot more complex since I was a kid. There are all kinds of compartments that open up or slide out. The roof comes off so you can play with things inside. It shoots little lego darts and the plane sits on a launcher on top of the truck that can swivel and raise and lower...the list of features goes on and on! It took us two or three days to build this one together.

can you hear the sound effects? 

I can hear the sound effects every time I look at this photo.

lego play 

A visit from the grandparents meant a lot more legos to enjoy! 

lego play 

Lucy is a big fan too.

mixing worlds 

Ninjas, knights, medieval blacksmiths, pirates, aliens and dudes that fight aliens...Legos bring them all together.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Busy, busy, busy...

I am so far behind on this blogging thing, so I'm just going to dump a bunch of photos on you to give a little glimpse at some of the things we were up to during the months of September and October.

marshmallow catapult

A marshmallow catapult, just one of many ideas we found on pinterest (love that site!).

at play

This is a pretty typical scene during Lucy's naptime. When she is asleep we tend to break out some of the more elaborate play  setups (lego scenes or block obstacles courses like the one he made here). Sometimes I even get the chance to bring out my spinning wheel.

our nature journals 

Josh and I started nature journals together. We've done leaf rubbings, collected feathers from our chickens, and drawn pictures of things we see around our yard (especially the chickens and our bunny).

our nature journals

at play

Legos, dolls, books -- all typical parts of our days.

at play

Another play setup. The girl next door gave Josh the plastic house in the background along with some little animals that go with it. She's so sweet!

look mama, I filled the basket up!

Lucy likes to empty baskets and then fill them up, often by putting herself inside.

soapy water (and yarn) 

I make the yarn, but Lucy likes to help wash it (warning, a two year old can absolutely destroy a skein of wet yarn in mere seconds--don't ask me how I know).

jumping on the bed 

Somehow we manage to squeeze in time for jumping on the bed just about every day.

kiddo projects 

We decorate for the holidays...
kiddo projects 

...and the seasons.

the butterfly ninja and cookie monster 

My butterfly ninja and my little cookie monster.