Monday, November 14, 2011

small interlocking bricks


They have been keeping us very busy these days. My mom sent us all the legos I played with as a kid so Josh had quite a collection to begin with, though it has definitely grown significantly since then.

legos meet MC Escher 

Inspired by this guy (who was inspired by MC Escher). I actually made the staircase model in this photo, though Josh made one of his own. He took it apart and made something new before I got around to taking photos of it.

alien conquest 

Lego sets have become a lot more complex since I was a kid. There are all kinds of compartments that open up or slide out. The roof comes off so you can play with things inside. It shoots little lego darts and the plane sits on a launcher on top of the truck that can swivel and raise and lower...the list of features goes on and on! It took us two or three days to build this one together.

can you hear the sound effects? 

I can hear the sound effects every time I look at this photo.

lego play 

A visit from the grandparents meant a lot more legos to enjoy! 

lego play 

Lucy is a big fan too.

mixing worlds 

Ninjas, knights, medieval blacksmiths, pirates, aliens and dudes that fight aliens...Legos bring them all together.

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