Monday, December 26, 2011

this short!

So in the past month Josh asked for a haircut,


lost a tooth,

rapunzel's tower

and played with a lot of legos (among other things of course). This one is Rapunzel's tower. He is a big fan of the movie Tangled, which seems to be related to his love of long hair and haircuts as well since Rapunzel gets her hair cut at the end of the movie.

fairy houses

There have been fairy houses,


and a bunny to love (and groom),


(love that face!)

Joshua's button wreath and my thread ornament

Christmas ornaments,

Lucy's button string

and button strings made.

I asked for a smile

And we have been enjoying some amazing weather this December.

beautiful weather

Where is the snow? We'll enjoy the unusually warm temps while we can though!

bike ride

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