Sunday, June 17, 2012

Random Bits from May

Um yeah, I'm just a little bit behind on photos and updates...


There was lots of t-ball, Lyle coaching and Josh playing.

 Josh at third base

Josh running to third base.

how Lucy watches t-ball games

This is how Lucy watches t-ball.


Though sometimes she prefers to watch it (or not watch it) by climbing fences.

sorting legos

We sorted legos.

 always legos

And then we unsorted them.

 everyone's favorite device

Lucy on everyone's favorite device, though this month I think Josh may have favored minecraft and skype over playing on the ipad.


Tangrams (from a book called, Anno's Math Games)

 a moth napping in our lilacs 

We found lots of little nature surprises around our yard. One of our favorite finds (aside from this moth napping in the lilacs) was a complete cicada shell, stuck to the side of our chicken coop after molting.

 petting baby angoras 

There were animals, of course, and not just our own rabbit and chickens, but a little trip to a local farm.

And of course, a healthy dose of monkeying around!

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